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“Love it and all the compliments I received” 

Susan, Durango

“I’m loving my sparkles!! Thank you beauty. And my mom is so cute about them…she has alopecia, and she said she likes them so much, they’re giving her extra motivation to grow her hair back.”

Erin, Denver

“I’m convinced my fairy hair + your words have contributed to my added ease and flow these days.”

Kat, San Francisco

“Everybody absolutely loves it!! I get stopped on the street all the time.”

Elena, Omaha


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It has been a busy summer for the Faeries who are zipping and flying around to festivals and events while finding various ways to connect, collaborate, and create entrepreneurship opportunities. My favorite part about being a professional Faerie is that I can take my...

Abundance in Community

Abundance in Community

Saturday, May 11th. It had been a long day of leading a Faerie Collective meeting and pushing out my vision after a busy school semester. I hopped on the Bus to Show to do check-ins and faerie hair but felt exhausted. This first night of stepping into true surrender...

Faerie Fundraising

Faerie Fundraising

Friday evening on May 10th was the wombs of the world party. Members of the Faerie Collective were invited to offer faerie hair for the cause, hoop, DJ, and spin fire. I felt tired and somewhat depleted as I made my way to Boulder from Denver for the event, given it...

We Are One Colony

When we shine, we share our inner light

When we sparkle, we share the light of others

When we bling, we bring value to the world.